My big project will be an ongoing effort, which keeps an eye on the rhythms of NYC.

Any subject undergoes a trajectory of cycles, but it requires steady application in that specific area to be able to discern its quirks and variations.

I’ve been working with a lot of first responders, the very people who go in to tackle what everyone else runs from. What an amazing bunch! Just as some musicians might lay claim to having perfect pitch or an antiquities dealer can verify the provenance of a centuries-old item, these guys know, from the sound of a siren, which type of police unit or which fire company is zooming by. If they smell smoke, they can tell exactly what kind of fire it is. It might sound like magic, but it’s because anyone who has a particular skill they use daily learns to know the nuances over time until it becomes second nature.

Every so often, someone will pose a question about how I might apply my brand of math to their line work. I love exploring these ideas because it expands the application. What follows are a couple observations that are a byproduct of this effort, just a couple specific things:

  • Toward the end of the first week of June through July 2021. The end result that likely comes with a fall-off in building inspections due to COVID within the city. More detail forthcoming as that time approaches. In general, infrastructure and electrical wiring issues.
  • I’ve been waiting to see who all the mayoral candidates are for 2022 and have more work to do. What’s clear is this: whoever becomes elected is likely to try to pass some measure of police reform next year that is not likely to fly with the current administration;
  • Also for 2022: probably not surprising but I imagine there will be more trending stories about the city trying to lure in some razzle-dazzle big tech business with valentine deals as a way of handling the budget crisis, though, to be sure, it’s likely it will meet with skepticism and squawking.