The pivotal news that shapes the second half of 2021 transpires between the end of May into the first three weeks of June very dramatically.  First, I’ll cover New York, then developing world trends.

But First Things First Things First, meaning the pandemic: obviously, it’s ongoing still with some improvements as much of the world is still wrassling with taming the virus. It’s getting better, but 2022 leading into 2023, let’s say around May 2023—on paper, things look to be more fully “back to a new normal,” under control, better managed.

New York

A sunnier and more social mood returns in a sustained way this year.  

Financially, very high municipal expenditures and high taxation rates are showing up under increasingly democratic leadership with a loss of revenues through rising crime, accidents and real estate concerns.

Mid-June is one for the tabloid headlines: scandal revelations, especially tied in with hospitals/nursing homes, financial and relationship scandals both.  [6.20.21 Update.  NYC mayoral race, finger-pointing not surprising…]

It’s looking doubtful that the NYC mayoral race will be clear-cut at the primaries, with the real shuffle likely to take place later on in the autumn.  [6.23.21 Update:  Why We May Not Know Who Won the Primary for Weeks. This is true.  But it’s also possible that those who decide to run as independents in the autumn could squeak through.  Starry explanation: Primary designation aside, you can always count on it being difficult to count chickens when polls open on a date stamped by the tail end of Merc retro square Neptune.]

Leadership-wise over the next 6 months:  ambitious plans to revitalize but there’s some murk, indecision, big egos and overwhelm that get in the way.  Some of this will become evident and more obvious during June to July.

Labor strikes likely in the sector of teachers and elderly care home/health industry.

Significant coastal storms are showing up in general off the Atlantic, come hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through the end of November. 

We’re in for another summer of city-wide protests, mostly driven by younger people as a galvanizing social event. 

[6.6.21 Update]. “Hot Town, Summer in the City,” lyrics come to mind.  A sensational scorcher, especially toward the first week of June. Do not read more into that until you get there. [6.7.21 Update].  New article on the heat wave.

Come June, an increase in headlines regarding labor strikes and rising crime.  [6.6.21 Update]. A water/shore/boating mishap headline is possible in June based on a miscalculation/goof.

In general, looks to me like general exodus from the city continues through 2023 before it turns around.

The late June 2021 sentencing for Chauvin appears to be stiff on paper, if the date of June 25th holds, yet it also sets off more calls for police reform.

World at Large Trends

[5.26.21 Update] First glance impression:  surprising major news coming out of either the UK and/or France in the forthcoming months, though I’m inclined to think it’s the UK, regarding leadership.

[6.6.21 Update] The Queen of England appears to have a new grandchild prior or very near the date of June 10th.

And the birth date was 6.4.21, just announced. 

June 2021: more news of trade disputes between countries, not surprising with the fractiousness surrounding Brexit.  [6.20.21 Update:  Sausage war.]

[5.26.21 Update] More windstorms at sea (significant hurricane weather) this year. [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirms this as of 5.20.21…

On the cheerful Jiminy Cricket front: forthcoming,  significant scientific discoveries and social policies that positively affect and benefit women and children.