[10.15.23]. Odds are up through the end of this year for a 5.5+ (or larger) quake in the west coast of California, very Northridge, Long Beach/Malibu, Fort Tejon or else very Loma Prieta/1957/Daly City, San Francisco area in character, as early as late October into December of 2023.

[11.19.23 Update]. I am downgrading the projected magnitude to the 3.5-4.5+ range toward the dates of 11.27.23 and 12.29.23, give or take a few days in either direction. The projected ~11.27.23 would be within the northern/San Francisco area and the ~12.29.23 could anywhere along the west coast, north to south, really hard to tell. These are small to mid-range and calculated mathematically.  [12.29.23 Update: a 12.28.29 quake of 3.4+ occurred 3 m NW of The Geysers, CA, north of San Francisco Bay.  In a strange way, it’s almost easier to simply focus on the larger magnitude quakes because they stand out more.]   

12.29.23 Forecast:  strong indicators of 5+ or larger quake potential exist in January-February 2024 between Mexico City on through Colombia in terms of area/region, which is a bit wider geographically than I’d care to specify…but it is what it is. 

[1.27.24 Update, regarding the above, a 6.1+ in Guatemala.]