The distinguishing feature of April 2019 is the dramatic slow-down of three major outer planets:  Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

Most are familiar with the concept of Mercury retrograde, which functions like a three week long cha-cha of one step forward and one step back.  If used properly, it’s a great time for analytical review.  When Mercury turns direct, it releases and frees.

By contrast, Jupiter retrogrades function like the opera singer onstage, belting out a dramatic aria wherever it lands within a chart.  If you are revisiting or reviving a previously launched matter that you would like to expand upon—or if it falls along the lines of a publishing, travel, educational or legal matter, all should be fine.

If you initiated an action along these lines anywhere from mid-March up through April 10th for the first time ever, then pffffft, expect: madness, mayhem and melodrama.  Jupiter’s official retrograde date is April 10th, however it has been slowing down gradually as of mid-March.  August of 2019 promises to be particularly intense, the week of the 11th, as when Jupiter stations direct, Uranus turns retrograde the day after.  I’ll spare you my assessment of Uranus stations for now because it’s not relevant for April.

When Pluto turns retrograde, which is does on April 23rd,
depending on where it lands in one’s chart, it forces you to realise the finality inherent within any given situation.  It’s a Point of No Return.  Often, when this hits a sensitive point in a chart, it brings about a reformed and deeply transformed outlook.  October presents a new milestone 
reached, and you can never walk the previous path again.  So it brings about dramatic transformation with clear-cut dimensions.

Saturn retrogrades on April 29th marks a period of heavy responsibilities where it can feel like you are slogging determinedly through a tar pit or pedaling uphill on a stationary bicycle, depending on the part of your chart where it is located by transit.  You’ve got your work cut out for you between now and September.

What all this implies collectively is that matters that take place during April will launch an intense, monumental effort that will reach their eventual conclusion, respectively, toward the months of August, September and October. As these later months approach, it should not come as any surprise that the events that transpire in each will correlate directly to actions taken in April 2019.

* * *