I’ve really been wanting to write about upcoming stuff this summer, sniffing the winds for significant world events, as I’m sure that anyone reading this is now well aware of the difference a single year can make….  As you can see, the bigger events trickle down to all of us on some level, between pandemics and repercussions from last year’s headlines now currently playing out in court rooms.

But for now, I’ll dish up Buttercups and Blooming Things.  ’Tis the season.

Thursday, April 22nd, coincides with Earth Day.  (Isn’t it earth day every day?) This became a cause for supporting environmental protection in 1970.  More specifically, this year, the date pops out with a Carpe Diem theme, which offers some oomph when it comes to going after whatever it is you want, aka Making Your Own Luck.

Expect the last minute or the unexpected.  Maybe you decide you’d like to do something off-the-cuff, or, as one friend likes to rally, “Be spontaneous!”  Going for it.  Spur of the moment, with zeal.  Go buy that thing, text that text or meet up with friends, join that group.  Especially if you’re prone to waffling and thinking too much about what others might think because you must think for them to outthink them, so you think—that is, if you’re not too busy polling about what others think before you actually decide to think for yourself.  

Part of the problem is that while you’re really good at seeing the dynamics objectively in other situations, when it comes to yourself, all of a sudden it feels like being a deer-in-the-headlights.   Maybe there’s something brand new and different that you’d like to do, or you’d like to join some new group or partnership.  And maybe it all happens by sheer fluke, weird circumstance/happenstance.

Hint/Nudge:  Juuuuuust DO IT. Make the effort.

Imagine a bow drawing the arrow back because you’re aiming it and feeling the flex and tension before firing it.  If you’re technique is solid, all the flexing of the bowstring and repositioning of the fingers is meaningless because at some point, you’re simply going to have to fire.  

ARIES:  Have that chat or last second encounter/meet-up.  Seize the day when it comes to that communication or taking care of that paperwork/email/bill.  Donate to that cause!  You’re overthinking the financials/cost/expense.

TAURUS:  Fortune favors the bold when pursuing a work opportunity through those you know.  Network, network, network and shoot for those big goals.  Invest in your career, as you stand to profit from partnerships and the 1:1 consultation.  Let go of thinking too much about what the other person is thinking and if your beliefs/perceptions align.

GEMINI:  Take that trip to have that discussion to go ferret, talk to that expert, engage with that team and/or learn what you need for work.  You appear to be up inside your own head too much, conjuring the hypothetical based on how things have gone in the past.

CANCER:  Looks like you’re putting the last coat of proverbial paint or polish to a work or creative effort before it sees the light of day.  If you have a child, some good news could be imminent regarding their education or else they are about to announce some other initiative shortly when not too busy obsessing over all the ramifications.  If you’re a dating Cancerian, perhaps you have your eye on someone at work and are thinking of asking them out.

LEO:  There’s a team effort and goal you are shooting for at work that requires an investor or a credit outlay.  Make your pitch today.  This is about shoring up your bottom line.  Alternately, taking the initiative with a group meeting/discussion with family about past events could prove to be a risk well-taken.

VIRGO:  The effort you make now with the help of a partner to pursue a particular media goal, work goal, or a conference with an expert bears potential to pay off, as you could have a new sponsor or contract.  No more over waffling over the nitty-gritty and risk factors.

LIBRA:  The effort you make to research and learn more with the help of a partner or a work colleague will pay off.  This is about finding a paying opportunity for your gifts and skills, possibly a chance to teach, publish or take a trip as part of a team or promotional effort.  

SCORPIO:  Funding comes your way through an interested investor or a work colleague OR, you stand to benefit in some way through alterations that you make to your daily routine.  For example, someone could have an extra ticket and ask for you to attend and event with them or an effort you make to network and talk 1:1 to people leads to a surprising “extra” or bonus out of the blue. If you have children, this is a fortunate period for them in sorting out a health/insurance matter and landing the right expert advice.  This could also be about them joining a new team or club that is good for them.

SADGE:  Take the initiative to share your opinion with a couple people or close work colleagues.  This could also be about establishing a working partnership and contract or finding helpful advice from someone that proves to be of value.

CAPRICORN:  Your initiative to be helpful and repair a few things as necessary may lead to new work opportunities.  If you have children, their efforts to secure new work through their social networks should pay off.  This is about finding creative ways to extract the most value from a practical item or create sales from something repurposed.  Also, investing in your own health and well-being is never a bad idea.  A last-minute gathering among coworkers proves to be enjoyable, as it foments enthusiasm and new ideas.

AQUARIUS:  Risk-taking in a new venture pays off for you career-wise or pursuing an at-home hobby or sport leads to new means of earning.  Also, taking the time to play or invest in some fun will do wonders to invigorate your mind, career and home life.  If you have children, a new work or educational opportunity/honor appears to be on the horizon for them.

PISCES:  Trust in your hunches!  Also, the last-minute effort you make to bring to one or two old project to completion ought to bring you a raise, a contract or good financial results.  A discussion or local outing with family members (or even sharing bits of your efforts on social media) could renew your enthusiasm and outlook. Possibly you’re planning a field trip that inspires or working in solitary on a piece of writing.  Playfulness, imagination and enterprise brings new work opportunity.