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“Thank you so much for all the care you put into reading my chart.  So much of it is right on the money.  You’ve definitely captured the rhythm and ‘magic’ of my experience.  Your reading is clear, direct and hilarious.  Your interpretation is generous and supportive, and your insights are surprising in their realness and truthfulness.  Remarkable, indeed!”

Madeline F.
(Brattleboro, VT)

“This is VERY interesting:  I spent all afternoon Sunday looking for a ‘distinguished gentleman to make their presence known to me’ at this event where I was working.  Well, J, a smartie who works for Bon Appetit, made a such a fuss about what great work I did, and he asked if he could get my number.  My friend B asked me later, ‘So did J offer you a job?’ I never thought to think of J at all because I met him on Saturday originally, but I must say, he is definitely the older, distinguished gentleman you described who took a particular interest in my work on Sunday afternoon!”

Laura C.
(Los Angeles, CA)

“In exactly one week, it will be fourteen years since you drew up a natal chart for me, which you sent to my mother B.E.  I want to thank you because, even though I was only three months old at the time, the report is startlingly accurate.  (You called it with my infantile fascination with light sockets.)  Once again, thank you!”

Jordan E.
(Miami, FL)

“Thank you so much for helping me find my two diamond rings.  They had been lost for almost one year.  I had searched the apartment but was unable to locate them anywhere.  Five minutes after you gave me the letter with with directions of where to search, I found my two missing rings.  I cannot express how grateful I am, as the sentimental value of these pieces are priceless.  Eternally grateful!”

Bernadette M.
(New York, NY)

“The natal chart you wrote for my son was precise in its interpretation.  It reiterates intensely what I already know of him and delivers a clear-cut picture that continues to be thoroughly illuminating.  I am forever grateful for your brilliant insight!”

Annabelle B.
(Brooklyn, NY)

“My experience was AMAZING!  I got my natal chart quickly, and it was so detailed and well done.  Julia is one of the kindest and most in-tune people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I would absolutely recommend her services!”

Ella R.
(Brooklyn, NY)

“I FOUND IT!!!! Thank you soooo much! Right after reading your message last night, I crawled on my hands and knees, starting in B’s hallway (“within the home of a friend”) and I headed North toward our part of the house and then East (toward M’s room.) I stopped first in the bathroom, just to make sure again, that it wasn’t hiding in a corner…and it wasn’t. I ran my hand under the bookcase in the hallway and pulled out the extension cord that I recently put in there to plug in my heater. Not finding anything, I continued East into M’s room and crawled along the north wall and headed toward the East wall. But that’s under her bed and it was dark and I had to go to [an event] that evening. Since you said it would take time, I gave up for the night.

“Today, I opened the back door near M’s room to get some warm air flowing. But it wasn’t until just now, when I walked out of the bathroom that I saw the earring on the floor!!!! Illuminated by the sunshine pouring into the back hallway… It was right on the edge of the runner “something else with a color scheme of black or black speckled with blue.” The runner has a light blue pattern with a dark, almost black/blue background edging with flowers!! It was right below the bookcase and directly below a stack of books that have “the color scheme of fiery reds, scarlet, iron/rust colors, saffron yellow or shining colors.”

“AND it was right next to the plug in the part of the extension cord which is ‘shining’ metal! The earring must have been under the bookcase mixed in with the extension cord, and I pulled it out when I was on my hands and knees last night because you said it was on the floor. I didn’t see it last night because the hallway was too dark. Your other assessment: ‘The earring is located someplace warm or where heat is, near a wall or partition in an upper floor room, near an object made of iron or steel, midway along the room,’ was exactly right! Since I use the extension cord to plug in the portable heater…it was upstairs…next to the steel plug…exactly halfway down the hall!!!!

“You’re amazing! Have you ever considered working for the police department?”

Angela M.
(Los Angeles, CA)

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