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What information do I need to book a consultation?

You will need to know your birth date, birth time and location of birth (city/state/country).  That’s it!


What I do… The Unglittering Version: I utilize complex mathematical time cycles to compile databases in order to identify a signature markers for various events, which then allows me to forecast trends. The Glittering Version: I’m a professional astrologer who writes free monthly horoscopes on her page for fun while applying her talent toward helping others make insightful and strategic decisions. 

The value of what I offer is a straightforward assessment of any situation where you require clarity, timing and direction in order to take the most productive course of action in fulfilling your goals.

Quick consults are just that, used for one-off questions to gain insight into a pressing matter.  Generally, these run 40 minutes long and focus specifically on the one question or subject.  

Another, completely different type of consult is a Natal chart assessment, which runs ~70 minutes.  This is a profound and ultimately valuable way to gain insight into life-long behavioral patterns and reveal what talents and direction are likely to emerge over time. It also helps to uncover conscientious paths of action to take, rather than reactive ones.

Depending on my backlog, it takes me 3 full days to fully assess a natal chart, sometimes longer, as I write at least ~10 pages and go over it with you.  Clients describe it as being like an intense therapy session.  None of my assessments are computer-generated but for the chart graphic.  This requires a considerable amount of prep work, which is given careful thought and consideration each step of the way.

All personal consultations are one-on-one and are kept confidential.

I communicate in plain language and prefer to stay away from using jargon–unless you are a student of astrology with some rudimentary knowledge and would like to better understand a process.

If you would like to make an appointment, please choose the type of consult you’d like because they vary.  Quick consults are often done same-day.  Natal charts currently take about 2 weeks due to backlog. 

how frequently should I request a consultation?

Quick consults are available whenever needed, as needed, though I’d raise an eyebrow if you requested more than once a month.

Most people have their natal chart assessed as a first time client, and this includes an overview for the upcoming year.  After that, an annual update is more than adequate.  1.5 to 2 years is fine!  If an established client (who has had a natal chart consultation) would like to gain more detailed insight into a particular month,  then they may request a chart that focuses on those specific dates. Please query.

What's the story behind the zodiac images in the forecasts?

The images that accompany each sign within the forecast pages of this site are originally from the illuminated manuscript natal chart drawn up in the year 1411 for Prince Iskandar who was born April 25, 1384.

Wellcome Library, London, Horoscope from the book of the birth of Iskandar Wellcome L0040161CC BY 4.0

What inspired the name of this website?

The name of this site comes from a line from George Smalridge’s epitaph for British astrologer William Lilly, “In Mortem Viri Doctissimi Domini Guliemlmi Lilly, Astrologi, nuper defuncti.–“…he might shine more bright, And only chang’d to give a fuller light.  He having view’d the sky, and glorious train Of gilded stars…”

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