For now, the fly knows more than you and I;
Google the Rum Rebellion & old Governor William Bligh.

The aforementioned is a glimmer only, not the full picture, as there’s a twist coming that cannot be called so leaping to conclusions is not recommended.  All I can tell you is that the incumbent’s chart is looking very Bligh-like, circa January 26, 1808, 6 PM, Sydney, Australia, which, in brief, refers to the old gov who left his daughter pointing the pointy end of a parasol against a military escort as he hid beneath a servant’s bed when his time was up.  In spite of the chart comparison, all you can truly glean from it with any certainty is the incumbent’s unwillingness to leave office.

Prior to 11.4.2020, I was looking at the election of 1800 because there are strong similarities between then and now, but no situation is ever identical.   I had no way of being able to discern whether the 1800 election correlation would shake out along party lines or candidate v. incumbent lines. In this case, for 2020, the incoming candidate has won, just as the incoming candidate had achieved in 1800, for what was also a tight race.

What makes this current situation unusual is that the incumbent’s behavior is subject to volatile unpredictability.  Anywhere from 11.27.2020 through the week of 12.14.2020 marks a turning point that indicates a markedly left-field event coming from the incumbent or else a need to manage his stress levels better.

In many ways, it’s a last gasp that starts between 12.19.2020 and then takes off at a sprint come 1.14.2021.  What do I mean by that?  You’ve been there already (this past March) and this is the last swerve, not unlike how a roller coaster manages the last stretch.  Again, don’t try to color it in beyond that.  Because you simply can’t in this instance.

Pandemic:  12.19.2020 relates to the March lockdown of earlier this year but with a wider, more unwieldy spread that spikes dramatically toward late January before the curve starts to taper as early as late February of 2021.

I dislike leaving this post on that note because it sounds so cliffhanger, but that’s exactly what it is:  a big fat blinking Now What?!