Horary [Hor-RARE-ee] charts are a quirky form of astrology, used to shine a light on a pressing matter.  Unlike natal charts they are drawn up according to the specific date and time a question is asked.  None of this stuff is really about “predicting the future,” as much as it is a weather report that helps guide the way to making a conscientious, well-thought-out decision.

This type of chart originated centuries ago to help answer questions that ordinary people had, even if they did not know their birth time.

Historically, if you were someone of stature, such as a royal or a high-ranking military officer, an astrologer would draw up a birth chart to determine what kind of leader you would be and what impact your reign would have.

While the average person may not have had a kingdom to rule or an army to lead that warranted having their birth chart assessed, they definitely had questions and concerns of their own.  “Would it be advantageous to complete the harvest earlier this year than last?”  “My horse is in the shop, getting fitted for new shoes.  However, the blacksmith has fallen sick and his apprentice is on family leave.  Might I expect my trusty steed to be ready by mid-week? Or would I be better served by renting one?”  These would not exactly be considered important matters of state, to be sure, but they’re perfectly valid to the person asking.

The technique astrologers used to respond to questions like these is called horary, which means, “by the hour.”  The great-great-great grandchild of this word is horoscope.

For a horary chart, an astrologer notes the date and time a question is asked, and then draws up a chart for question posed by their client.  The rocket fuel that makes this kind of chart most effective is if the question is driven by necessity.  The person asking must have a clear objective in mind that they intend to take action on. The chart does not do the work for you. It merely points the way.

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