horary chart examples

Two Client Stories

A couple quick examples of actual questions I have been asked to chart:

Story #1

My mother is coming into the city by train and should be here within the next two hours. She is going to want to see me wearing the hideous bracelet that her oldest sister, my Aunt M., left me. I can’t find it. My place is a mess, and I’m frantic as it is. I’ve looked everywhere. Help!

This querent, a neighbor of mine, pounded on my door to ask. Luckily, I was able to draft a chart for her ASAP, which provided a description of the room and approximate location of the item, along with a color scheme of what lay nearby. She decided to abandon her frantic cleaning to commit herself to make a search effort instead, and she found the bracelet inside a dresser drawer that she swore she went through several times before.

Story #2

Someone threw a rock at my window and nearly broke it.  I’m curious to know who.  And more importantly, WHY? We’re new to the neighborhood and nobody here knows us! Could it could have anything to do with the prior tenant who lived here before we moved in?

This was an unhappy situation with a happy ending. This family found out the hard way that their apartment building’s security cameras were for show and not functioning. It wasn’t the first time they thought something had smacked their front window. When it happened a second time, they realized they were not imagining things, as the glass spider-webbed on impact. The family had a toddler who could have been harmed, had the glass broken. The horary chart showed the rock thrower to be a teenager with anger management issues who lived inside their building in an apartment somewhere on the ground floor below the querent.

The family landed their answer soon afterward, when an angry woman knocked on their door and informed them her son couldn’t focus on his homework, which he blamed on his upstairs neighbors’ heavy footfall combined with the noise of their racing toddler. That’s when it came out that her teenager lost his temper earlier and felt justified in hurling a rock at their window. The happy ending is that the rock-throwing kid and his family were already preparing to vacate for a long-distance move, which clarified further why they were feeling stressed out. And, in a strange way, the incident DID have something to do with the prior tenant, though not in the way you might think:  the prior tenant had been an elderly invalid who didn’t get around much, which is why the downstairs family had been accustomed to the quiet.

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