how to make a horoscope work for you

A Brief Guide on How to Customize a Magazine-Style Horoscope

The type of horoscope that you read online and in many print publications first gained popularity in the early 19th Century, when newsprint journalism was in its heyday. The reality is, this type of horoscope cannot hope to achieve the depth of a natal chart reading drawn for you by a professional astrologer because the “magazine-style” horoscope is drawn specifically to accommodate a large population.

To give you an idea of basic mechanics of chart construction:

  • Natal charts are drawn for your birth date and birth time at the longitude and latitude where you were born.

  • Magazine-style horoscopes are drawn up for each sign at 12:00 noon, using the coordinates where the astrologer is located.

The intent of a magazine-style horoscope is to serve a broad readership, based on current planetary transits.

Some are quick to ask, “How could I possibly be having the same day as 500,000 other people who share my Sun sign?” They’re right. It’s impossible to have the same exact day as 500,000 other people. Admittedly, this is why the magazine-style horoscope has its limits and offers a very narrow glimpse of what astrology is and how it can be used, as current planetary transits are only one facet of the picture.

Also, if you are an avid reader who enjoys scanning through all 12 signs like tasting your way through a chocolate box to nab the caramel and dodge the shredded, lumpy coconut, I’m sure you’ve noticed some signs seem to resonate more accurately with you than your own Sun sign. How is this possible?! The answer is, you likely have a point in your chart that has been activated recently by planet that rules that that sign or else you have a “hot” sector within your birth chart that is responding to this other Sun sign.

My best advice for tailoring a magazine-style horoscope to work for you is this: read your Sun sign horoscope first, followed by your Rising sign and Moon sign.

Most people know their Sun sign, but you can easily learn  what your Ascendant (Rising/1st house) sign and Moon sign is by using this basic, online natal chart generator. Your Rising sign is going to be the one located at the 9 AM position if you view the chart as a clock dial. 

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