I spent this morning wading back and forth through different charts, casting around in search of something interesting and off the beaten path, but I need to come back to this a little later for more granular detail.

For now, a couple big picture tidbits, looking ahead toward this summer 2021, the general climate appears to offer more in the way of stories about wildfires and dry land–a season of agricultural droughts that happen to be followed by stormy, windy weather and flash floods. 

[4.19.21 Update.  First story on historic mega drought in Colorado… and, weirdly enough, late season stormy/windy weather.]

Looking at the impeachment proceedings on paper for next week, I noticed Trump’s chart suggests he’ll be back in the news this summer in his typically tabloid-style way. Refer to this post.

The refrain of this song describes NYC from the end of May through the first week of June 2021, first stanza. More on that later as well.


It’s the top of February at this time of writing. Quick spot likely trends from mid-month into March: first sweep of new art and new music releases from major artists that will define this period. Stories of business mergers and closures both, no surprise there, really. Late March into early summer 2021: signs that the economy picks up some due to relief legislation.