ARIES:  Last week brought socializing and expenses—people popping up out of the blue or else unexpected upsets within a social/industry network.  You’ve had to readjust this past week (mildly putting it.)  Monday is relaxed and future-forward, thanks to renewed connections with those you haven’t seen in a while.  Outline those goals!  Wednesday through Thursday is all about initiating action and moving forward, processing emotions and releasing them, particularly about the past and family or domestic matters.  Thursday is great for physical activity, if just to reconnect mind/body.  Friday presents some heavy work responsibilities or strictures from an authority yet you’re also facing new earning opportunities.

TAURUS:  Last week/past week was all about blowing some old notions out of the water, but it was very unsettling.  You’re on a renewed, self-launched career kick this week that could be via online or involve others as a humanitarian effort.  Come Monday, friends of yours will respond with compassion and help you process a hunch or worry.  Wednesday through Thursday is great for launching a new effort in solitude that solves a problem or completes a task.  Between Thursday and Friday, your career aims undergo some intense restructuring as you release an outmoded way of thinking.  Friday delivers an opportunity to travel or learn something new through your social network that proves useful for work.

GEMINI:  You’ve experienced
an intense week already (last week) of attempting to wrap up some old matters,
credit and otherwise, along with trying to solve an issue at work.  Your focus is on reforming the status quo of
“how things are done/have always been done,” and that’s brought a clash of
philosophies. This week is about regaining footing, a fresh start regarding
plans to study emergency services, or this could be an abrupt travel that
proves nerve-wracking.  Someone from
behind the scenes (if not your own fears) stir the pot over a perceived ethical
issue at work.  Monday is positive for
flashes of clever insight that help resolve a work concern or a lingering
matter that involves a close partner. 
Thursday to Friday is all about taking action within your social network
or tackling a long-term goal with a partner, especially when it comes to a
shared financial matter.  Friday to
Saturday echoes the sentiment of the week prior, but this time, you gain a new
resource and opportunity for travel, education or media exposure.

CANCER:  A week of
transformations!  Last week was
incredibly stressful as you tried to get Sam I Am to eat the green eggs and
ham.  Somehow, you got through that stew
and can enjoy your Monday catching up with friends from afar.  You’re doing to much or trying to do too much
too fast.  By Wednesday, you’ll feel
caught up enough to launch into a new work project, thanks to recent
inspirations.  At the same time, you’re
taking care of intense, practical, work matters with a close partner or
advisor.  Compromise and
negotiation!  By Friday into the weekend,
your social life picks up pace and you have a chance to attend an event through
a friend where you learn or meet someone interesting who has an artistic

LEO:  Worry, worry,
worry does not make the world go around. 
For much of last week you’ve been on edge about work and health matters,
trying to pull a group together to complete a project that has been d r a g g i
n g (which it will likely do till the end of March).  You’re off to a new start this week with
partnerships.  Monday could bring some
funds or a loan from afar, but with it comes some hidden tensions.  Wednesday through Thursday are good for
taking initiative on a deal or gaining advice on such a matter.  Friday into Saturday is a highlight that
echoes the prior week’s tensions yet there is forward movement now with
coworkers and restructuring the old, potentially lucrative project.  Positive news.

VIRGO:  The focus is
on health and work, understandable concerns about air travel or what you’re
reading in the newspapers.  Last week was
rattling enough, with a child learning skills firsthand or by intense,
immersion-style learning–if it wasn’t a whirlwind trip.  Monday, you get to catch up with a close
partner and consider rearranging a home layout or interior.  Wednesday through Thursday hints of some
spending combined with problem-solving. 
At the same time, this is about releasing an old financial matter
regarding a child or a speculative venture. 
Friday into the weekend echoes much of the week prior’s edginess and
release of an old matter that has been dragging and holding you back since this
past summer.  You’re heading in this
direction, though the real action comes toward the end of March.  Travel could be on the agenda with a closer
partner and family, if not news from afar that prompts a decision.

LIBRA:  Find a way to
bring art, music and compassion into your everyday routine or for a
sibling.  You could have been
experiencing some friction with them or with a coworker that required ironing
out.  The discussion, based on deeply
rooted emotions from way, way back or via your parents is up for release this
week.  Monday offers a calm start to the
week.  Wednesday is when negotiation
begins in earnest.  You’re in the process
of either writing out or talking through old matters and releasing all the contingent
emotions.  Friday brings an echo of last
week’s tensions but the good part now is growth and positivity, making
constructive changes in your routine and home life.

SCORPIO:  As with last
week, you’re canvassing locally to actively boost earnings—yet last week
dredged up a lot of the emotional turmoil that surrounded the first week of January’s
actions and set you on edge.  The good
news is that you’re in a liberated position. 
Monday:  negotiations regarding
payment for a creative project.  A child
may receive praise from an instructor or higher-up.  Wednesday into Thursday brings positive
action with employment through your initiative. 
Friday into the weekend evokes the stress of last week regarding both
your living arrangements, family and work, but the good news is that you’re
drawing up a new, expansive plan or binding agreement that pays.  Fresh starts and new beginnings.

SADGE:  Last week’s
expenses should start to ease, as you may be seeing a modest boost to income
via conservative budgeting.  (By the end
of March, much of this agony/annoyance ought to lift.)  You’ve also had a lot on your mind this
weekend, especially with schedule disruptions due to siblings, if not tense
discussions or mechanical difficulties with travel.  Monday offers a pleasant, tranquil day,
though you may be tempted to oversleep. 
Do what you can to maintain your health and immune support.  Wednesday and Thursday are days of action for
a speculative venture or for a child. 
You could also decide to simply engage in a sports activity that will
reinvigorate.  Friday into the weekend
echoes some of last week’s tensions, but this time, growth transpires that
could lead to a sudden contract or news that could lead to a flex payment or work
benefit.  Open channels of communication
lead to profit.

CAPRICORN:  Last week
stirred the pot when it came to negotiating with a partner regarding
finances.  It’s been a dark rumble,
re-ordering and purging of emotions within the family.  The good news is of a fresh new financial
start for a child, who is also establishing a new foundation.  Monday: 
pleasant, sympathetic ear and conversations.  Visiting an art gallery or a concert could be
beneficial.  Sometimes this indicates a
quick travel expense some distance for the purpose of education, but this would
have already taken place as of Friday into Saturday.   Wednesday and Thursday are days of action
and initiative that you do from the solitude of your own home.  This could be the start of a writing project
and exploring your past.  Friday into
Saturday marks a new earning phase, though you’ve had some quick expenses.  The positive development is new inspiration
and insight to create either music or a written work.  This can also be a pleasant time spent with

AQUARIUS:  Last week
was prone to eruptions or news out of the blue regarding family that ripples
outward, as it presents forthcoming, profound changes to one’s career and close
relationships.   In many ways, it poses a
fresh start.  Monday:  you could have a dues expense for an
professional organization but also stand to see much compassion expressed to
you from friends.  Wednesday and Thursday
are the best days for taking initiative with communications, though emotions
are running high.  Friday into the
weekend echoes tensions of last week but this time in a way that brings
earnings through a project you’ve been working on in private, at home. 

PISCES:  Last week’s tensions likely came through abrupt and challenging communications or a restructuring of long term goals.  Last Friday probably put you into hibernation mode or a wish to retreat that didn’t exactly happen.  News headlines likely rattled.  Monday:  mostly pleasant and constructive but for some angsty stuff that you’re trying to throw a wet blanket or just any blanket over regarding money.  Wednesday and Thursday are days of hustle and action regarding travel, school, or publishing efforts.  You’re launching new projects with earning potential.  Friday into the weekend invoke the shadow of last week’s tensions through a sibling, in-law, neighbor or some news that sets you to worrying.  However, the positive aspect is:  catching up with a friend and gaining insight on how to structure goals.  Gaining inspiration from your surroundings.