I wrote a tidy thing that other day and then became too tidy for my own good in cleaning up year-end files, apparently, so I am starting this post anew, still recovering from the the new variant that everyone has been talking about.  I was vaccinated, too, and couldn’t get the booster (I don’t think that would have mattered much) because I got the flu shot followed by the first part of a 2-part shingles vax, with Part II scheduled for the first week of January.  And you’re not allowed to get a booster until at least 2 weeks after all that is done. 

I thought I would sail by omicron, with any luck, but nope.  It started with heavy fatigue, a high-pitched ringing in one ear and a mildly mossy, sore throat before waking one morning with a full-blown headache, followed by a low-grade fever, aches, chills and days of sleeping on end with a complete loss of appetite.  Now I’m biding my time before taking a PCR test, as I’ve learned from others not to assume so quickly that you’re out of the woods after a week.  I’ll get a test toward the end of next week, which will be just 2+ weeks after the initial symptoms.

Still, I did haul myself upright to switch out the year-end scopes.

So what’s new for 2022?  When will the pandemic end?  As much as nobody wants to hear it, I see one more round of another variant lurching along between September through December of 2022.  It’s inevitable.  This is what viruses do: mutate.  Yet it’s more of a “You know the drill…” sort of thing, at this point, rather than being any big surprise.  Covid does appear to tame down on paper in 2023.

As for January, I don’t think the New Year really starts until after February, as mid-January into early February carries the signature of an era coming to a close as another one begins.  You’ll understand perfectly what I’m speaking of when you get there, as I do not care to belabour the details.  The close of an era will be more probably obvious than the new start, will say that much, as there are a loose ends to be tied up.  The important thing about these next two weeks is that it releases a lot of the past, and along with it, old fears.

Speculation:  more dirt may come out about the January 6th 2020 fracas, but I’m thinking that anything further is likely to get clapped up into a box toward the end of the month.

Happy New Year!  And I’m sharing this CNN article with the handy set of lyrics for Robert Burns’ Auld Lang Syne.