If Monday seems more Monday-ish than usual, Mercury’s station could be contributing toward any communication lapses, snafus, mixed messages, spam bins, missed calls, voicemail hells… Or, simply put, this week marks the slowing down and completion of any revision/review process and wheel realignment toward forwarding motion once again.

There’s still an ouch factor to all of this, possibly from revisiting the past or pressing a metaphorical finger into a bruise. There’s some eagerness to hit the gas and vroom, but it seems like every Larry, Moe and Curly is out there in traffic, too so to speak. The odd paradox is that it’s your own finger poking yourself in the eye and no one else’s. Remember, as you read what’s below: This, too, shall pass, and fairly quickly.

A quick note: this is why I was specifically using the battleship/naval image earlier, for a second time. You can wade back through my posts.

ARIES: A stirring twinge from the past, perhaps psychological or provoked. Mind your words and mind your mind, as it can affect your body and productivity.

TAURUS: Private turmoil. You could say something, but nah. For respite: focus on a creative project, a dating partner or your kids.

GEMINI: Socializing and professional networking and your own goals feel impacted, and either your stomach has been bothering you, or it’s the idea of being asked for money on the homefront that you had other plans for.

CANCER: If you weren’t so ambitious, you’d need a vacation.

LEO: Private apprehension about meeting goals.

VIRGO: There’s someone you believe is barring the stairway to heaven, but those are just lyrics so enjoy humming music and try not to get too caught up in what it all means.

LIBRA: Right now, you are the turnspit dog at work who must run faster to roast the roast, whether you’re tired or agree philosophically with what’s cooking, or not.

SCORPIO: You’re the backseat driver this week who is revving at the driver to have gotten there yesterday, by now. You’re organized, agitated, and have marks to hit like a student cramming into the wee hours before a test.

SADGE: Whether it be kids, dating partners, or a professional advisor…they cost time and money both and then have the audacity to not agree with you.

CAPRICORN: Noise or a much noisy difference of views with a partner at home about something from way back when. Perhaps you get some assistance for a frantic move out of the neighbourhood.

AQUARIUS: A lot of talk about how to get things done yesterday and how much that will cost.

PISCES: The joys and agonies of coming up with more creative ways to earn as a partner or advisor demands more in terms of expenses covered.