This is my happy ground:  news headlines/trend speculation.

Every so often, I may do a weekly scope breakdown in addition to the monthly, but I’m far more interested in bird-dogging the trends.

This past weekend’s Portland headline runs well into August and will come back swinging the week of November 14th. [7.21.2020 update:]

This is also likely become a big deal in mid-August. Earlier this year, in March, I was speaking with someone over Chicago showing up event-wise on my radar specifically for this summer. When you’re operating on spec, the habit is to go for the knowns rather than galumphing after wild jackalopes. The most obvious possibility, back in March, seemed to be timing for the Milwaukee convention, the 17th-20th. I was looking at Chicago, however, so it wasn’t really adding up. [8.31.20 update]: Well, duh…Kenosha Wisconsin is halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago.

This entire upcoming week will likely be consumed with variations on this aforementioned theme, with new tension arising toward July 27-28–until a new shiny shock of a squirrel commands our attention during the first half of August.  Said shiny squirrel looks a bit like Wall Street/spec market, real estate matters, seismic tumbles both literally and figuratively, but it stabilizes quickly.  It doesn’t have to be seismic, necessarily, as much as what simply happens to an old or neglected infrastructure.   (Hello, New York City.)  [8.5.2020 update: Shiny squirrel; and on a lesser level this and this8.10.2020 update and this…it’s trending and peaks out this week.]

For the NYC area in general, August 3-4th:  strong potential for annoying and local power outages. [8.3.2020 update: At least the infrastructure awareness is there…

[8.5.2020 update:] Well, the outage situation was an understatement. I tend to focus on the NYC area but a few other cities experienced similar, far above average numbers and not entirely related to the East Coast tropical storm.
1. 2.5 million lose power in NY Area;
2. Western Massachussetts power grid failure;
3. Detroit power outages;
4. Downtown Oakland, CA.;
5. See the shiny squirrel note above for a structural collapse that caused a power failure.

August 8th through 18th, stories of challenges and bandied concessions toward rent/real estate at a financier level.

Mid-August, COVID-19 cases continue to rise within the U.S., along with the noise about the earlier-mentioned Portland theme.  Any end in sight for corona?  The case numbers may start to stabilise within the U.S. toward the second half of September, but I would count on another wave of forthcoming in December, when everyone is back indoors. If you wade back to this post and that one, I did feel case numbers were going to go up significantly toward the second half of July. (It made sense to me at that time that July could bring another round of isolation or roll-back.)

TWINKLING GOOD NEWS!  Sporting events will be back on the table in a big way by the third week of August.  And come September, odds are on for the arrival of another government-issued stimulus check, as there’d been in May.