[6.14.22 Update. Most definitely: another rumble for the markets come 7/13.  [8.9.22 Update.  Markets were “choppy.”] There will be lots of sky-high hopes toward the end of July, of course before a pin comes poking.  Total aside for NYC: July/August, there’s smog in the air that’s not the usual but more than the usual, not pollen, not car exhaust.] [8.9.22 Update] Something in the air…

[7.2.22 Update.] From July 28th within the first few days of August, really, a highly unpredictable, volatile period by nature. (1) Likelihood for wildly swinging markets during this span. Again, think ‘volatile’ and ‘wildly swinging.’ [8.9.22 Update:  Markets did go down and then way back up on 8.5.22] (2) what transpires during this span will be spoken of into the following year. We live in strange and uncertain times. (3) possibly a noticeable quake near Caracas, Venezuela or the Caribbean-South plate. [8.9.22 Update.  I wrote on 7.2.22 that I was seeing a quake pattern in this area.]  At times, I lean toward chucking all this to focus on time schemes for geophysics rather than people, as politics/people are such a mess. Waaaaay down the line, I’m seeing what looks like impetus for new real estate growth in NYC some 2025. Capital that makes way for new construction, new public works/projects for the first time since the 1940s.

[7.31.22 Update.]. The other problem with trying to figure out if this is actually, NYC is that it could be a DC-related issue. [8.9.22 Update: DC-related issue.]

The larger bell curve is from 7/28-8/12 with a subset of dates 8/3-5, 8/7-9 and the evident result and a grim mood toward 8/11-14. Speeding mixed with impulsivity/distraction is not a great combo. [8.9.22 Update, an unmistakable uptick in speed/impulsivity headlines for 8/3-5/22.  (1) MTA bus; (2) Los Angeles Home; (3) LaBrea/Slauson; (4) Inwood speeding; (5) model rocket fire  There were more incidents, unusual to see so many fall within a set date range, especially ones that made major headlines.]