If you are a visitor of this page, you might have already gathered that I use charts on occasion as an admittedly strange, last-ditch effort to help people recover lost items, often jewelry. If you are familiar with astrology as general magazine-style of horoscopes…then I’ll put this little tune inside your head, along with this quote.

As a kid, I used to dump small paper cups of sugar over the openings of ant hills and maintain a diligent window-side vigil to make sure no neighborhood dogs interfered. After a couple of hours, I raced outside to marvel over how every last granule of sugar was GONE. Sugared-up ants work quickly. And obviously, the Ants Did It: they made the sugar disappear.

As for why any of this other should work, I have no clue. It’s one of the more compelling facets of this study that has drawn me back to it again and again, particularly because I am driven by curiosity, common sense and a need to know why.

Let’s put this aside to focus on the pragmatics of lost jewelry. If you’re lucky, the item was dropped inside a room somewhere inside your living space.  If you have hardwood floors, there might have been a tell-tale noise to at least give you a directional clue.  If it falls into a thick pile of carpet, you could be at a loss where to start.  Earrings, a ring or even a loose setting tend to be very small and may not make an impact noise.

Before you call in the starry hounds, try this simple trick:

Have a look in the dark.  That’s right–turn the lights off.  All of them.

Turn on a flashlight or the backlight of your mobile phone and use it to sweep the light over the carpeted area.  If the item is metal or has a shiny stone, you ought be able to find it quickly.

* * *