Like everyone else, I’ve spent this weekend doing too much that I would not be doing otherwise if things weren’t the way they are…on top of catching up online with friends. And I’ve been feeling like a penned-up veal calf, in general, though I’ve been taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever I can.

This is a big week.  So is the week that follows.

If you use this time constructively, you can get a lot done.  This is about making a powerful push forward on a long haul effort.  More lockdowns and restrictive mandates are likely, but this is all a bigger call to launch a new effort with steady, tireless sustain.  If not used constructively, too much aggression and fearful thinking can lead to loss.

Historically, this week bears themes of the challenges that come with managing large groups and populations.  It speaks of the tensions and unexpected variables that come with crowd scenes.  However, our “crowding” has taken on a new form in this century—online, for one.  More realistically, this week and next has to do with hospital overcrowding and a need for more gear and devices to help patients.

A lot of this is already obvious from current headlines so let me delve into the good news that’s not so readily apparent:  I’m seeing matching trends for amazing new innovations that arise out of need and crisis, and these new developments will go a long way toward creating an industrial revolution that profoundly surpasses the last one. Ingenuity at its best.

All for now!