March 2020 is an odd month, ides, lions, lambs–all of it.  It’s evident that all the zodiac signs have been awaiting resolution to a matter that has undergone a few permutations since this past late August/early September.

Completion and resolution is on the horizon, yet all continues to be under review and delay through mid-March.  Momentum picks up dramatically for all the signs the week of 3/20, and whatever had been festering for so long will conclude in such a way that this could very well be considered the official “New Year” to this year in many respects. 

The fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius) will be spinning faster than foosball figurines in at least two sectors of life, concurrently, just as they had at the start of this year.  Before you think, “Ah, phew—not my sign!”—everyone carries this construct within their chart somewhere so it’s still relevant.  Pay attention to the part of the March scopes where I mention the new 2.5 year trend for each sign because this points to the big shift of new versus old.  It’s not without tension.  Think of it this way: without discomfort, there’s no motivation to make any changes, either.   

3/20 through the 4/11 is likely to bring crazier-than-usual headlines.  These particular weeks stood out to me over a year and half ago.  One school of astrology would advise you to be self-aware, rein in your temper, avoid intemperate people or domineering types, as all of it reflects some internal angst. 

If faced with a feat that requires great strength,
determination and endurance, then the wind’s at your back those weeks.   A positive development is that all the signs, come 3/24, will likely hear from an old friend who helps you achieve a goal, or lends some insight that helps you strike up a new initiative.  There will be some area of life for all signs where you feel motivated and driven to make a fresh start.  Pay attention to the wisdom you get from thisfriend because it will pave the way to a fresh start as you let go of the old.

As for what I really think of March 20th through April 11th:  proceed with caution.  A law that protects or favors the rights of women may reach headlines focus at this time.  For those in real estate and banking (and depending on your chart layout)—this time period bears potential for a significant land/real estate, insurance or a commodities/brokerage deal or a settlement, that is, if it’s something that’s already been on your plate for a while. It would have to refer to events of late December 2019.

[Update as of 3.4.2020] I logged in here this morning to add a link to a story that I knew I’d written about but then realised I’d self-edited this post harshly because I strongly feel the weight of not wanting to add to the disquiet that the news headlines offer so well on a daily basis. Below is what I deleted from the original post, along with a link to the story.]

If I look toward the mathematics (because that’s what this is–a complex set of clock gears) to pick stories out of late March into April–comparable to seeking animal shapes from a set of fluffy clouds–in purely Department of Speculation mode, there’s one configuration that looks like a big story about mechanical, transportation or an electrical power failure, most likely due to speeding.  There’s a potential story about an online banking snafu.  If it’s on the nature bandwidth, then it sends rocks tumbling with great force (Since posting, instance 1, instance 2.) On the human bandwidth, it’s essentially disruptive, a change of pace that must be taken.  Financial markets are likely to continue their zig-zag through this time as well.

* * *