Sunday, 6/28:  In general, be leery of triggers, as things are not entirely as you perceive, though they may provoke a simmering reaction.  Seek balance and diplomacy.  Also, for some, this can indicate a painful physical flare-up or inflammation.  Take things day by day and strive for one clear goal daily that brings you toward the completion of a project.

Monday, 6/29:  Again, monitor the emotions.  You’re being asked to revise them and engage in activities that boost your confidence.

Mini-astrology lesson:  It’s a bit amusing to realize that the term “Karen” has erupted now into the headlines since the end of May.  Of course, some moniker has always been in play for this kind of character, in some incarnation or another, as long as any service culture has existed. 

So why has it burst into prominence this summer?

(***Warning to readers of plain English, starry jargon ensues.  If you don’t have the stomach for it, skip to here.***)

Usage of this term took off with jet skis toward the end of May with the aspect of [Mars 11’ Pisces square Venus SRx 16’ Gemini].

Here’s the play-by-play:  Mind you, though I use colorful language here, there’s no such thing as planets duking it out. These elements represent time schemes.

Mars square Venus is a fairly common occurrence, but what makes this stand out in bold relief is that Venus was running retrograde in Gemini as Mars at the end of May, just as Mars was approaching Neptune 20’ Pisces days prior to the June 5, 2020 lunar eclipse.

Throw in Mercury’s conjunction to Venus at the time and participation in the Mars/Neptune square, followed by Mercury’s subsequent slide into Cancer with a Chiron 8’ Aries square. Mercury’s ensuing retrograde period from June 18th through July 12th means it has been sitting there, engaged in a weakened, backward creep as Mars gains steam, spins its sword, ninja-like, and assumes an incensed, fighting stance in a renewed square with Mercury.

For those who are new at this, I’m well-aware this reads like I just spewed alphabet soup like something out of The Exorcist or rattled off a head-spinning “Who’s On First,” so I’ll break it down:

A.  Whenever a retrograde aspect occurs within days of an eclipse, it often describes a theme that enters the global arena with trumpeted fanfare;

B.  Breaking down this equation of a [a wide Mars/Neptune in Pisces square Venus SRx in Gemini,] the Venus SRx Gemini can be a harridan, to put it bluntly, especially in terms of speech (themed by Gemini);

C.  A perfect square is a moment of challenge—think of 2 swordsmen assuming stance at “en garde!”–and would put Mars at 16’ Pisces.  In this case the phantom perfect square of 16’ Pisces serves somewhat as a midpoint between the wide Mars 11’ Pisces/Neptune 20’ Pisces conjunction at the end of May.

If we are focused specifically on the behavior of a woman (Venus SRx Gemini) engaged in this wide square, then this specific Mars/Neptune combo suggests underhanded, passive-aggressive, covert behavior.  Instead of expressing her anger forthrightly, she’s redirected and subsumed it.  Mars hates being in the sign of Pisces.  It often smacks of trying to take the easy way out or else opts for dirty tactics.

Yet this particular Venus/Mars interaction cuts both ways: as soon as Mercury departed its sign of rulership at the end of May (she felt very entitled saying what she did yet unaware of how it came across) the weakened SRx Venus was left on its own to square Neptune/Mars…and Neptune residing in its sign of rulership, lit by the sizzling fuse of Mars: down rained the ridicule upon the Venus figure. 

D.  Venus is coloured by Mercury’s behavior because Gemini is ruled by Mercury.  (Gotta keep your eye on all the balls at play here.)  Mercury departed Gemini (talking sh*te) leaving behind the Venus/Mars square to enter the sign of Cancer (feeling sh*te), only to turn into a retrograde on June 18th, where it becomes a sitting duck to the pugilistic Mars barreling along toward it in a new square and its renewed parry, en garde!

This reactive combo colours Venus so you have one very prickly hedgehog at play here.  Compounding all this, Mars is approaching a conjunction with the pain point of Chiron at 9’ Aries AND will be conjoined by the Moon at 4’ Aries, come July 11.

The message for the days surrounding July 11th: Think before you speak and listen before you speak, as this speaks of two parties who are trying their best to reach an understanding by screaming over one another. 

Once we get past July 12th, the misunderstandings, delays, and communications should start to iron out.  Don’t mistake that for a cue of bounding puppies and snuggly kittens and everything turned easy.  It has more the tang of stalemates, frustration, criticism, harsh introspection, and, in some cases, proverbial babies tossed out with the bathwater–through the top of August. It doesn’t have to be this way. Anything can be worked out, but it clearly requires effort.

After all this, I feel obligated to find some sparkling squirrel of pixie dust, celestial twinkles and freeze-dried Lucky Charms marshmallows in all this because that’s how marvelously weird life is, never all this nor all that:

Tuesday, June 30th:  It’s possible to tune out the stress, turn off the news, and dive into those things that support your well-being.  It indicates letting go of old patterns and the past or discovering and learning something wonderful that takes you by surprise.

Over this U.S. holiday weekend with the last of summer’s eclipses at play (July 5th), the best actions to take are:

1.  Go swimming, take a shower or a restorative soak in the tub.  Drink hydrating fluids.  Focus on what inspires and makes you feel relaxed.  Make the effort to learn something new.

2.  Focus on what feeds your sense of purpose and what changes and transformations you can make that align with your values.  Look toward an accomplished individual who happens to inspire you when it comes to their abilities of critical analysis, leadership skills and level of organisation.  See what develops from this effort toward later on this autumn, toward November of 2020.

ARIES:  Someone at your work offers a boost in pay or else this marks decisive revamping of your career and aspirations that results in a pay boost, especially based on your ability to present yourself diplomatically.  You have a mind for business and, perhaps, negotiating a sale.  For other Arians, this implies potential income earned for teaching from home.

TAURUS:  Focus on a mentor and advisor or an inspiring figure who helps give your appearance and outlook both a fresh new look in a way that leads toward a paying opportunity.  This person could be an authority who is based at some distance, a university-level instructor, or perhaps, has legal expertise.  They’re definitely a regarded authority in their field.  For some Taureans, this can also imply a publishing venture where your written work reaches a wide public audience.  For other Taureans, it could involve a property transaction and paperwork.

GEMINI:  Pay attention to your instincts.  Your gift of gab and penetrating insight into what makes people tick is likely to pay off at work.  Also, some old bill is likely to get paid off within the next 6 months or so, which will be something to celebrate.

CANCER:  Your friends could introduce you to someone who either becomes a valued, close partner, personal or otherwise—or you meet this person through your social networks.  Together, you have the ability to achieve a cherished goal that appears to involve a writing project for young children.  Or this could simply be media exposure.  More thematically, you have keen insight into trends, the public pulse and what has appeal, especially within your everyday surroundings.  Also, there’s some pursuit of study that appeals to you as it helps people and can be applied to your work.

LEO:  Diligence in your everyday routine pays off with work, especially as you’re able to call upon your social network for helpful leads.  Give it some time because it’s more likely to fall into place toward later on this autumn—you’re on the right track.  Keep your cards close like a poker game and don’t be afraid to revise your tactics.

VIRGO:  Learning is seen as a form of play or taking up a new hobby may very well lead toward a new career venture…or perhaps you land the opportunity to teach a skill.  You’re in the process of revamping an revising your social network, along with personal goals and ambitions, but the key is to play.  Some Virgoans may find themselves learning this through becoming a first-time parent.  Other Virgoans might encounter this theme through dating someone who comes from a vastly different background or perspective.  And this could even mark a future engagement.

LIBRA:  Profound engagement with the past.  You’re in a time machine at home, or else focused on an old project, driven to make a breakthrough and transformation with your career through diligent, daily application.  This is your month to shine. 

SCORPIO:  This looks like a period of intense revisions for a written project that’s been on your plate for some time.  You could also be meeting with people who can become sponsors, partners or backers of a creative and instructive effort that is close to your heart.

SADGE:  A constructive and positive transformation is in store with a close partner, whether this be a work partner, legal counsel, or a personal relationship.  You’re able to profit by implementing changes and alterations to your daily schedule or working in partnership, and together you can achieve a solid goal that pays off.  This looks like it could involve an expense that relates to establishing a business or else a partnership that helps pay off the last of an old bill.

CAPRICORN:  You’re driven to make a complete transformation to your daily routine and habits with the help, instruction and counsel of a working partner, advisor or coach in such a way that bears out positively for your career ambitions.  You’re upping your strategy.  For some Capricorns, this can indicates a mesmerizing romance with a coworker or else finding someone you can both work and achieve with.

AQUARIUS:  Time spent alone at home fosters new creative ideas, which is great if you’re a writer or striving to find the time to establish a new business and working routine.  You very well could be working at home part of the time and at the office on other days, as all is still in flux.  Some Aquarians may be renovating and beautifying their living space or else diving into a creative project in solitude.  Other Aquarians may be seeing a profound change to their routine thanks to the arrival of a new family member.

PISCES:  You find much accomplishment and satisfaction in beautifying or renovating your home at this time, in addition to working on creative projects that focus on children or perhaps it’s an old project with some history to it.  This could also be a desire to see a business get off the ground.  Trust in your social and professional networks for good advice.