I spent this past weekend going through the complexities of verification and after completing a draft of next month’s horoscopes and, taa-daaa! You are welcome to join the fabulous pages Of Gilded Stars on Pinterest and Instagram!

Pinterest: Personally, I always want to learn something interesting or amusing and create something beautiful and unique… I’m aiming for that balance. You’ll find many of the postings here are stacked toward astronomy. The reason for this is, I find many of the astrology postings on Pinterest to be too “cookbook,” which creates dangerously simplistic assumption about how all this works.

Astrology is a mind-bending study of time cycles that takes decades to learn, absorb and apply with careful assessment, which is an entirely different process from creating easy, sun sign-based “stereotypes.” Charts for any given situation are vastly more complex than what any given simple horoscope can offer. Once you dip your toes into this subject, you will become forever the student.

Instagram: Instagram asks for a single post when so much could be happening on any given day that affects everyone differently. Or, at times, not a whole lot changes for several days. There you have it.