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October is another busy month, one where several themes, efforts and situations from earlier this year start to re-emerge after a period of dormancy.   So think back to what it is you were doing toward:  (1) late April.  One task was set down at this time in order to pick up another, one that would offer significant transformation. As you resume this effort, prepare for major revisions, refinement or contention; (2) late May, another project slowed down that is practical and involves high tech, new applications or a team effort.  When it resumes later this month, you can expect a well-coordinated and well-grounded effort.  (3) The May through late July project will pick up steam again incrementally toward the end of this month and emerge as a Fully-Fledged Thing in the New Year; (4) Whatever stalled out last month, especially in terms of coordinating schedules and communication, will get going after the 18th.

The only thing about the 18th-21st:  there seems to be so much pent up energy to be let loose after all these time schemes pick up slack that it could culminate into one big eruption, both figuratively and in a natural phenomena sense. 

In terms of human behaviour, the 21st-22nd has a snarky edge.  Usually this plays out as someone who is doing their best to be diplomatic but feels like a resentful cat dolled up inside overly snug, itchy baby clothes. Proverbial cat may fly off the handle…or else you’ll uncover evidence of shredded destruction behind the furniture.  

In terms of world news headlines, this looks like a group of negotiators or several attempts to negotiate a major financial or diplomatic concern with the hope of rectifying a wrong or a pain point, yet they meet with resistance from either a big institution or an authority figure on one sticking point.  Whatever this situation turns out to be, it’s weakened by a lot of wiffle-waffling and dithering indecisiveness.  Plus news may come out about one party being a little too cosy with the other.  This story will be in-your-face obvious by October 21st.

I point out these main themes of October because they will play out in your own life in a number of ways, depending on how your chart is structured.

Remember, you can read horoscopes for your Sun sign, but the Sun signs on this page start at 0 degrees and are timed for 12 noon, New York City.  As a rough guide, if you were born toward the end of a first week of any given month, your Sun sign is already nearing 15 degrees, which means you should be reading the sign that follows, in addition to your Ascendant and Moon sign. 

To find your Ascendant and Moon sign, use this free tool to calculate your own chart. (Don’t worry, your data is not stored!) Your Ascendant is the sign that is rising at the 9:00 clock dial position of the wheel, the sign and degree that starts the 1st house.