Roughly two weeks ago, I had planned to post a year in review and a forward glance for the New Year but have since thought the better of it, possibly because I dislike the expectations, anticipation and general hullabaloo posed by the mere flip of a calendar page.  THIS will be the year that I [fill in the blank]!  (Why doesn’t anyone ever say that in February?  Or, June, for that matter?).  Go do your thing to celebrate getting through 2020.  The rest of the new year still has yet to happen, which it will, no rush.  

I might still post an overview of old posts, especially as 2020 is nearly at a close.  There’s been a number of back-end technical updates to this site, and I’ve been seeking resolution to why some of the widgets are not functioning properly, so bear with me—it’s being worked out!

I’m also re-thinking the idea of writing monthly horoscopes on this page.  While I do have January scopes prepared…and they shall go up, I do need a brief break to focus on a couple of projects and expect to offer new horoscopes for March.