I’m pushing for an early spring…why not? We need it. And the local groundhog agrees.

I’ve been meaning to write here all this past month, but the time escaped me. So no surprise that March’s chart shows what we already know, as I didn’t post this back in December: that there will be a sizable expenditure made to deal with losses incurred by the pandemic.

This year, March will be its own beast, not one that sets the tone for the rest of the year, (so, in other words, very UNLIKE March of 2020, where the lockdown defined much of the entire year). Get moving this month because whatever you put into action stands to play out nicely toward the end of the month into first half of April.

I’ve been meaning to elaborate more on a past post but, again, haven’t had a moment, as I’ve been logging data for one massive New York-centric project, which I’ll have news on shortly as well. Give me the week and I’ll deliver a quick binocular sweep on the upcoming months.