I’m at work on the September monthly. A quick word: November 8-14th reflects the first to return the levels of civil unrest that transpired during this past May through early June within the U.S. History repeats itself. Yet a quick quash is just as likely. Strange days, indeed.

The cheerful Jiminy Cricket takeaway is August 18th’s 4-week trend, which should bring forth a positive experience either for a male or, to you, via a male.

ARIES: a brand new enterprise, perhaps with someone you already have worked with–fresh new career start. Or, it could be an exciting announcement or development for a child or someone you are dating. Sorting out an old work matter…

TAURUS: exciting new business prospects, especially for sales or a still “in-the-works” effort that involves a lot of writing. You’re still being asocial or clammed up, but as long as you have quality snacks, you’re fine.

GEMINI: great news from a friend or a tip via your social/professional network that leads to work + funding to pay off an old bill. Keep your ear to the ground and try not to worry so much.

CANCER: You’ve chased it, you’ve earned it. A new fresh earning potential via collaboration/consultation with Someone Who Knows Their Stuff.

LEO: A new spec venture that has legs, thanks to someone you’ve worked with before. Positive developments are invigorating in spite of the work involved. If you have children, this could bring a great start to the school year in spite of apprehensions.

VIRGO: a fresh new start or inspiration that you’re keeping a lid on, for the time being, especially as you cobble together resources. Could involve sports or something fun. A goal incubating…

LIBRA: something about your career is still MIA or undergoing deep renovations as you flush out the past. You’ve got a whole new set of goals in front of you for a number of projects and get the help you need to see it all come to fruition. Also, if you had a few pandemic pounds to lose, it’s all good news from here if you drop the bad habits.

SCORPIO: If you’re in sales or creative work, this offers a new fresh beginning based on local forays and the efforts you’ve made to get organized and on top of your routine. OR, if you’re working on a creative effort in collaboration with a male, these next few weeks ought to bring some good (and potentially lucrative) news, as you’ve certainly made an impression on someone with your vibrancy and lively, go-getter spirit.

SADGE: OT hours may not be on the menu or some expense comes up that snatches them away…but you do appear to have a win in these upcoming weeks that pads your coffers.

CAPRICORN: Goats are well-supported–perhaps a closer partner or advisor assists with a property sale, or else you benefit via a partner’s new-and-improved income or shared resources. It could also be that someone in the family has great news to announce as a win that brings some cheer.

AQUARIUS: you could be facing a schedule revision or trying to eradicate some bad habits. The good news: a fresh start via collaboration with a creative, risk-taking, savvy partner/advisor who is supported behind the scenes with a strong professional network. Active collaboration, discussion, and teamwork bear results.

PISCES: The challenges of last month ease (somewhat), especially as things fall into place for a child and your schedule both. If you do not have children, this implies having a little more time for fun. This could be a step up in your career and earnings, especially as you’ve proven yourself to be well-organized.