September! New pencils! That’s always the joy I remember.

The new scopes are up, and, admittedly, September appears to be all over the place with a lot. The main theme is of Doing Something Boldly in spite of the Unknowns. For some, there is no other choice. This is what it feels like. It’s a new start that will play out differently for each sign and individual, depending on whatever’s going on inside your chart. Pay attention to what starts around Tuesday, 9/7, because that theme comes to fruition toward September 20th and requires a steady and demanding amount of work, which you should be able to pull off with some ingenuity. This month will have many different working facets and components to it, making it one of the busier months since this past May. Also, the end of September does in some way reflect positive developments that transpired in May, when you stop to think about it…that is, when you get there!