Earlier, I’d posted about echoes of June 2020 coming back in November—it’s really more like mid-December.  Mid-November through the Thanksgiving holiday does carry some lovely hope and goodwill and positive imaginings that everyone can act upon.  It speaks of compassion and gratitude and a wish to transcend, so enjoy every minute of it;

Mid-December and late January 2021 exhibit signs of market instability on par with this past March 2020, in addition to lockdown measures to varying degree that appear to ease by late February 2021.

When 2020 started, the surprises arrived one at a time with some breathing room, meaning, we had time to adjust to the newness of lockdowns before the protest activity erupted three months later, followed by this year’s election campaigning.

Toward the second half of December 2020 into the New Year, it’s all conflated:  covid #s on the rise, comparable to this past March AND protest activity.  

Whoever gets into office in the U.S., come January 20, 2020, is going to have their hands full, as 2021 brings a new bag of tricks beyond the flip to a fresh calendar page.  It’s hard to say exactly when the dog is wagging its tail or when that tail actually wags on behalf of the dog.  Some of the structure and order that’s currently in place is likely to give way, but its influence and reach remains entrenched.

Best advice between now and the first half of January 2021 to those who like to count their chickens before they’ve hatched: Maintain an even heart rate…


When this year started, it struck me as carrying a theme of Big Medical News, something on par with a breakthrough, a big discovery.  It was enough for me to launch the Dept. of Speculation because I noted this language taking shape, enough that it caught my interest. This year obviously launched a race to develop a Covid vaccine.  The December 9th post derived from seeing direct echoes to William Harvey’s 1616 Lumleian lecture at the Royal College of Physicians on de Motu Cordis—the body’s circulatory system so wondered if that implied a new vascular or circulatory system advancement but really, it’s the new discovery of a structural one, hey-ho.  

Mini Astrology Lesson, which you can skip if your eyes glaze over: For those familiar with this language: the Saturn/Uranus square does speak simply of structural discoveries connected to the mouth/throat, in such a way that always leaves me admiring how profoundly stiletto the interpretations can be, given the multiple variations of interpretation possible within each time scheme.

At a down-to-earth level, 2020’s year-long [Saturn in Cap/Uranus Tau] hard angle by itself also speaks of an unexpected halt imposed by the government in such a way that it disrupts trade and commerce.  Viewed from another angle, it implies civil unrest against the forces that issued the decree, due to a destabilised economy and market. It also speaks the language of disruption with traditional work that leaves the office building for an online network instead. Very simplistically, Saturn/Uranus time schemes indicates either an attempt to herd lightning bolts or an unexpected disruption and departure from an old order to a new status quo, literally and figuratively, depending which part of the Saturn/Uranus angle is switched on.

The forthcoming last sweep of Saturn crossing into Aq on 12.17.2020, and again, come early January, Uranus switches back on so mid-January 2021 suggests we’re in for lots of drama just yet, so hang onto your hat. **End of mini-astrology lesson.**

The difference between 2020 and 2021 is that there’s a new wave of innovation and ingenuity arising out of 2020’s muck with less dread in the air.

On paper, the Covid situation looks like it starts to improve as early as late February 2021.  Sporadic waves of infection are likely, still, but not nearly anything on the scale of 2020 into the first month of 2021.

Another positive trend is that stories of courage and compassion emerge, come March 2021 via some amazingly articulate voices.  If you know of anyone who’s expecting in March, babies born during this month are likely to grow up to become remarkable social justice advocates of their generation, each in their own way.

* * *