The theme between now through mid-August is this: Think of an old school stage magician’s Disappearing Act where a glamorous magician’s assistant dressed in spangles and tights smiles vivaciously to the audience before they step inside a tall, phone-booth-sized box onstage.  (This is metaphorical and literal both, literal in terms of news headlines. And the figure is not necessarily female as much as it represents a household name or a particular situation that all the zodiac signs are contending with at some level.)

This figure waves cheerily to all once more before a red silk curtain puddles forth and falls into place from the ceiling of the box to its floor…. Then POOF!  They’re gone.  Where did they go?  

Pay attention to the stage you are setting come July 10th or so (and keep your eye on the birdie in terms of news headlines for a clue.)  Something from way back when and long ago is going to step inside the proverbial box.  And all you have to work with besides your own twitchy bundle of nerves, pretty much, is blind faith.  

Those seated in the front row will have their eyes and ears open for the the trick and secret as to how it all works.  And don’t kid yourself—whatever looks like a cakewalk actually requires a huge amount of concentrated effort, technical skill and stage wizardry to make this feat happen.  Your eyes will be trained upon the magician’s assistant the entire time. And, of course, any good magician will have you at the edge of your seat by employing a dramatic drumroll that first starts out as a low soft patter that slowly builds into a long crescendo of nail-biting anticipation.  

The third week of July into the first half of August marks the end of an era and the start of a new iteration. And even though you know how these acts generally tend to play out, it’s not like anyone wants to see the magician’s assistant disappear just as the act is getting started.  Hardly seems fair.  The assistant represents a dependable bright light of resourceful confidence, one grounded in tradition.  They represent what you know and accept.  Mainly because this is How It’s Always Been.  I suspect there’s two proverbial “magician assistants” to this act, actually, as the other one shines as an innovator, trailblazer who is shooting for one more big dazzle and flare whilst the other represents a veritable institution and passing of an era. In your own life: what’s the old and known that you are transitioning from, and what’s the new you’d like to launch?

July 10th through the days approaching July 23rd mark the opening set-up, followed by these players’ slow-motion strut and fret across the boards before the curtain drops.

The days around the July 20-24th reflect the drumroll of anticipation.  Actually, it could go as far as up through August 7-8th where you’re waiting for the Big Reveal.  No guarantees as to the outcome.  A logical person would expect to see and hear more noise and a rumpus transpiring behind that curtain for someone on the verge of vanishing, but the truth is, it all happens so fast that it takes your breath away and you’re left to contend with your own suspension of disbelief or else see it as a moment of keeping faith. 

To be sure, this theme will play out bigger than you think in terms of world news headlines as they unfurl later on this month into the next.  It speaks of an event that’s likely to strike a chord, especially as The Proverbial Magician’s Assistant Disappears. It can feel scary. (How to accept this?  As a kid, I do recall feeling bothered by how blithely magician assistants headed into the act, without a hint of reluctance or second thoughts.) 

July 31st is also a nail-biter, but reassurance comes from knowing that you’re surrounding by an audience that is going through the same throes of wondering what comes next.  Toward August 8th, the cymbal crashes, the old transitions into the new, somewhat cathartically and inevitably.  A collective breath drawn as the curtain lifts.  You know how this works, but still…the past is treasured and not forgotten. Out of the disappearance comes the bugle fanfare of something brand new:  a surprised rabbit who carries on with the act, Dei Gratia, by the grace of God.  If that sounds at all confusing, it will become clear by the second half of August.    

This is the theme happening for each one of us between this month and the next, played out in a number of subtle and unsubtle ways:

ARIES:  The Best-Laid Plans of Mice & Men are brewing to give a new lease on the life of a long-cherished goal.  This could be Recovery of Old Gold, so to speak.  Either this is a deeply personal long-held goal coming to fruition or it marks a swift change of plans due to events that transpire at home or within the family sphere. You’re well supported.  A fresh start is in store with responsibilities to fulfill, either as a new parent or with a new business venture—no cutting corners.  For some, it could also mark the start of a new romance with someone who is on the same page as you as a work ally, though you might not see them every day.  

TAURUS:  Closing a contract or an agreement helps brings a partnership to fruition. This marks the end of one career, or, at the very least, a profound transformation into a new one, pretty much through your own volition. Call it a leap of faith toward achieving a mutual goal.  For some Taureans, this can mark retirement or a new chapter for a family member who changes lanes rather surprisingly. Possibly, you learn something about your old work that you didn’t know of previously—and you could even be switching up your living space.  While it all may seem daunting and unsettling—enjoy the fresh start that arrives toward mid-August.

GEMINI:  Oh, the unethical and unlawful dirt that you would love to ferret!  Yet it requires faith and putting all on the line.  Striking payday is the goal, assuming that you’ve lined up all your ducks strategically. Try not to lose any sleep by allowing worries to cycle through your head like a caffeinated gerbil sprinting frantically upon a spinning wheel.  Whatever emerges lays to rest a long-standing matter that promises some recognition and the renewed joys of what’s possible with solid teamwork.  

CANCER:   You’re giving it your all, led by expert advice.  Trust in your hunches and try not to obsess.  This is an act of letting go and trusting in what happens next, which of course is easier said than done.  While one revenue source appears to be undergoing transformation (along with recreating a whole brand new you)—a new source of earnings is about to emerge next month that brings you peace of mind and possibly some travel, teaching or media/publishing opportunities, as you’ve gained a powerful ally.

LEO:  Teamwork and compromise toward a shared goal can feel scary when it dredges up every fear as to how things have gone down previously.  And no one likes feeling backed into a corner.  You simply need to have faith to carry you through, though without question, the unexpected twists and turns and restructuring can be nerve-wracking.  Ride it out as best you can with the knowledge that this promises an exciting fresh start that delivers new responsibilities and earning potential toward the 2nd half of August.  

VIRGO:  Whether its a goal you hope to achieve through a re-up to your daily routine or a health matter (which you are currently obsessing over), keep your head low and get the work done without divulging any trade secrets. This is a demanding effort where you are in a fish bowl, being closely scrutinized.  So pay attention to the details.  What’s coming offers both peace of mind or a positive twist of fate that makes a fresh start possible, along with potential funding for an effort that you’ve got cooking on the back burner.  Or this could simply be a forthcoming resolution and exhalation regarding a longstanding matter— not unlike how your ride pulls in slowly at the end of a wild and twisty roller coaster.

LIBRA:  This indicates phasing out one form of your career for a more entrepreneurial venture.  The old you into the new you.  Or, this could also indicate a deeply transformative period for a child or a love interest that could be a profound yet nerve-rattling test of faith. There’s more than a dram to the drama, Yet this stands to be a chance to complete a longstanding creative project as well.  Come August, a new goal and social network evolves through your work, and these people are likely to introduce you to someone who becomes a trusted advisor behind-the-scenes. 

SCORPIO:  A leap of faith is required to get you through a dramatic transition at home (such as a move) or with a family member.  Some compromise is necessary between work and home, establishing a business, or else seeing the dramatic conclusion to a longstanding matter.  Once you get past the frantic nature of it all, not to mention the exertion, it will feel like a fresh new exciting chapter to your career that helps to bridge some old pain points from the past when it comes to work and earning and stabilizing your living space with new goals.

SADGE:  Top Secret Paperwork!  Sadges appear to be in suspense over a credit or financing matter, if not some flat-out, elusive mystery that requires expert validation and confirmation.  You’re determined to get to the bottom of it.  Perhaps some intrigue is happening with a sibling, cousin or an in-law. For other Sadges, this reflects local neighborhood renovations or transformations.  August will usher in a fresh start with making long range plans and creative work with people who live at a distance from you.  This can imply anything from a forthcoming trip, education, processing legal paperwork and possibly some media exposure or publication of a book or an article.  Your motivation and efforts are at an all-time high.

CAPRICORN:   The transformation comes in the form of what income transformation is possible through a close partner, a business partnership,  or a legal settlement. You’re well-supported in terms of work pensions and funds along with other opportunities but would like to see new structuring and balance to outgoing expenses. On a philosophical level, this can imply a profound change to your personal values (rather than being income-focused.)  August brings the answers along with a fresh start that could offer a profound release of an old matter.

AQUARIUS:  This month into next promises to be dramatic, particularly as you appear to be undergoing a (secretive?) transformation that could profoundly alter the play book at work for future procedures and protocols.  Let’s say that you’re changing the Way Things Used to Be at work or in your own personal routine…prepare to go through a few spin cycles before you emerge in August with a whole new partnership, agreement or an ally who can help you achieve a potentially lucrative long-term goal. 

PISCES:  You’re in a Greta-Garbo-esque mood, content to be left alone and dreaming or else contributing selflessly in ways that may be rewarded and acknowledged later.  It’s also a great time for fomenting creative plans in solitary, clearing your dwelling of unused/unwanted stuff and finding lost items. Trust your instincts and the flashes of insight that come to you in your everyday outings. A secret is about to spill forth, whether it be from a loved one or a child.  This could also take on the form of creative insight and inspiration pulled from the depths. You’re likely on edge later this month for the responsibilities that are on your plate, yet August promises a new, positive boost in the form of a new work or service that goes far to help stabilise earning and employment.