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I’m writing this for those who study astrology more than for the average layman, but I’ve tried my best to make it entertaining.  

[Note:  This post was updated 12.18.2020.], and I’ll probably continue to mark updates on this post.

Jupiter/Saturn in 0 Aquarius, to reiterate, it’s a brand new situation, somewhat unexpected, regarding:

[12.18.2020 Update].   Pay attention to this.  The problem with 1.13.2021 through 1.23.21’s Jupiter/Saturn 0 Aq square Uranus/Mars 6 Tau is that it’s brand new, which means I really do not have a precedent for it, except to say that it’s disruptive.

Taken alone without any aspects:

  • An online entity/corporation, governing structure or social media outlet.
  • A large building in an industrial area
  • A large capacity vehicle
  • A marvelous piece of new technology
  • New emerging leadership that inspires, informs and unites
  • New laws regarding technology
  • Careful, sustained growth.

Problem #1, what I left out of the picture yesterday:  Uranus/Mars/Moon. The Uranus lego piece, the Mars and the Moon are each their own colour, and they’re sitting at this moment on a carpet where they blend in perfectly.  And yes, at some point, you’re going to step on them, no matter how cautiously you tip-toe.  That’s what it’s going to feel like.  In other words, fast reflexes at play.

[1.28.21 Update:  I’ve added links.]. For a clue of what’s coming the week of January 13th-23rd 2021, pay attention to the headlines that develop between:  (1) December 22-24, 2020; (2) January 6-8th 2021 and then (3) January 11-13, which launches a new cycle that carries from (1) January 20th-23rd into February. 

Uranus+Mars by itself offers these themes:

  • A dynamic, active group
  • Protesters
  • Cauterizing
  • Disruptive
  • A fast machine
  • Ignition
  • New technology

Located in the sign of Taurus:

  • Market swings
  • A large, beautiful and fast vehicle or an expensive one.
  • Fire that damages valuable property
  • A rally that protests financial conditions
  • Swift reaction
  • Technological aggression…hacking.

[1.28.21 Update, link added.] Squaring Jupiter/Saturn 0 Aq:  Houston, we have a problem.  One that requires swift action because it implies malfunction of a system or a glitch, a theme I’ve been harping on since earlier this year.  Ponder that idea metaphorically, given events of this year.  A pandemic is widespread malfunction.  The civil unrest of earlier this year speaks of malfunction…etc., etc. And, with effort, these things can be fixed.  Think of it as a reset/restructuring.

Pause here for a second and rewind to the week of March 10, 2020, pretty much the same line-up but in mirror-reverse.  We look backward because March 2020 is a known factor:  lockdown due to COVID.  Restricted movement and curfews. 

~January 7, 2021: I think this week is when we see our worst COVID rates in spite of the vaccine roll-out.

[1.28.21 Update, link added.] Officials may officials insist on new lockdown measures, but this time some groups are less receptive due to financial conditions—THOUGH bargaining is on the table.  A financial package is very likely to happen in January, probably just not soon enough, as this entire past year, it’s been, “You shall have jam yesterday and tomorrow but not today,” since last May.  I would fall over in surprise if it happened earlier.  [12.24.2020] update:  You shall have jam yesterday and tomorrow but not today, indeed.

Expect to see more headlines regarding big tech and social media corporations coming under legislative calls to dissolve and fragment.

In terms of natural phenomena, the odds are high for a significant 6+ mag earthquake the week prior to Christmas and another significant water-based one in the month of February 2021.  12.15.2020 already saw one 6.0 73 km NNE of Calama, Chile, yet next week remains a question mark. The fact is, at least three to four 5.0 mag quakes occur daily in places you’ve never heard of so it never makes the news. Right after a solar eclipse, that # generally flies upward to a half dozen with at least one 6.0+ in the mix.

[Update 12.18.2020]

  • On Tuesday, 12.15.2020, there was a 6.1 mag in Mindanao;
  • And on 12.14.2020,the day of the solar eclipse, a 5.8 mag in the Norwegian Sea, 19:35 UTC, 727 km NW of Tromsø Troms og Finnmark, Norway. 

[Update 12.30.2020]

  • 6.3 mag, Calatagan, Philippines, 12.24.2020;
  • 6.7 mag, Corral, Chile, 12.27,2020

[1.28.21 Update, links added] The week of January 13-23rd, 2021.  Standby for mechanical or electrical difficulties.  It’s loud and hot and fast, disruptive, and, odds-on, a direct echo of August 4, 2020, or else it’s of the natural phenomena stripe.

What transpired that matches 8.4.20:

Problem #2:  I work with start dates/times.  Something like an inauguration time-stamps the starting point that offers a picture of themes for next 4 years of that term.  If I jump ahead, leadership as a whole appears to be a younger man’s game come 2024.

1.28.21 Postscript to this post: some months are just bats in terms of how much is going on that it’s quite difficult to believe.  I chose to call out these less than savory trends because they are big news items that pop off the page, as opposed to say, your garden-variety local news story.