I feel like talking starry trash today.

Tomorrow marks the exact conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 29 Capricorn.  And what does that have to do with the price of kumquats, you ask?

I nearly scrapped this post altogether after laboring over it in spite of a myriad of annoying distractions. Yet after hauling a 25 lb. ancient sewing machine in both arms off to a donation center a half mile away in the rain, I feel somewhat reinvigorated, especially given that I didn’t take the easy way out by dumping it downstairs near the trash for someone to scavenge. I’d gotten it fixed a couple years ago so it’s good. And now someone will make good use of it for a good cause.

I’d worried about being too technical here, though it’s important to point out practical applications.

For starters, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction represents a time scheme that doesn’t occur too frequently. 

Though the pretty memes circulating online these past couple weeks state that this configuration has not occurred, “since the year 1226,” Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions do occur once roughly every 20 years, albeit in different signs.  The last one took place at 22 Taurus on May 28, 2000 and, prior to that, at 4 Libra on July 24, 1981, and onward. 

March 5, 1226 is specifically the very last time that a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction took place at 2 Aquarius, which is the closest reference point in history to this year’s 0 Aquarius conjunction.

What this usually means is new, emerging leadership and actions that fall along the lines of controlled expansion. It’s a large organized structure or business and implies restrained yet steady growth.  For each one of us, there’s a sector of life that presents incremental, sustained growth and accomplishment yet…there’s another emerging factor to all of this that could up-end the apple cart, shake-a-shake-a-shake, OR it suggests new leadership supplants the old rather abruptly.  

As of 12.15.2020, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction transpires at 29’ Capricorn.  This indicates a traditional, conservative leader or governing body that’s on its way out or preparing to abdicate.  That’s why I mentioned the baton-passing earlier. Someone rises into authority specifically because the old authority steps down. It’s the last gasp.  Especially so, coming fresh off the 12.14.2020 solar eclipse. Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn screams, “I’m not going anywhere because I’m the law of the land and don’t care if you have a problem with that.”

But then come Saturday, December 19, 2020, the Jupiter/Saturn pair does something that this conjunction does not ordinarily do.  Unlike the 1226 year line-up, it passes from Capricorn to a new sign:  Aquarius.  Sure, go sing that Hair song…get it out of your system.  When you’re done, I’ll be here waiting.

What it implies is an element of unpredictability, toward January 13th.  It ain’t over till the fat lady sings?  More like, it ain’t over until the fat lady shuts up because something even louder has taken everyone by surprise.

Within the next 6 months that follow, observe how the grinding pace (especially of the hurry-up and go-nowhere of 2020) literally takes off like a rocket after the third week of January 2021. And I’m not one to abuse the word literally. If you wade back through history, you will observe the dates of the previously mentioned Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions tend to connote an event of serious diplomatic import, a bit of political brinksmanship within the year that follows the conjunction.

Also, December 15th’s Jupiter/Saturn at 29 Cap happens to be squaring a Uranus SRx 7 Tau, which, after a solar eclipse, generally means disruption of an organized structure, and in this case, fixed quickly.  Pay attention to this theme and file it away for future reference.

By itself, the shift of Jupiter/Saturn into Aquarius delivers: A “by the people/for the people, we’re all in this together” sort of leader.  A unifying force, though things are far from unified at the moment. 

It also suggests a brand new piece of sophisticated bit of electronic machinery that you’ll likely gain first wind of in about 5 years that will be very expensive…. Just a guess, but I think this could be the emergence of self-driving vehicles into the mainstream.  It’s either airborne or electrical or both, and personally, I wouldn’t mind if it delivered take-out.  Seriously, we’re heading into the Industrial Era, Part Deux meets tech so think back to when all the Victorian craftsmen griped about mass manufacturing putting skilled tradesmen out of work.

Those astrologers reading this are probably aware that I’m leaving out a few pertinent details at the moment. If we’re looking for major events, then there’s something, re: an email or online social network. But we already know what this is.

Restructuring and reshuffling of leadership personnel in a way that creates disruption of the status quo.

A developing, new-fangled form of architecture or high-tech construction material. And I’d have to say it is something safety-inspired for the greater good.

Institutionalised technology or new laws regarding technology.

I suspect the headlines of 12.23.2020 offer a precursor to events of January 13th through the 23rd, 2021.  What goes up must come down, so to speak.

The problem here is that I’ve presented the Jupiter/Saturn event you in all its configurations like 2 legos stuck together without showing you the other two that turn them into a hot potato maraca.  

Part II of this post.

* * *