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I’ve been assessing October’s trends…and what can I say?  You already have a pretty good idea how this year has been, would you expect anything less crazier than how it’s panned out thus far?  “Indelibly awful numbers—13, 666 and 2020.’”

The good news, looking down the line, is that the lingering malaise of uncertainty or “pandemixiety” starts to lift toward late February into early March 2021.  That’s not to say that everything will be perfect, ideal, rosy and automatically bouncing back to the Way Things Were as much as Now I Know. 

Hitting fast forward by a mere couple of years, we’ll all be arriving at the edge of a heavily, technologically-driven era that promises to revolutionize how we live and work at a warp speed curve, with all the joys and problems that accompany it.  It will make the Industrial Revolution seem positively quaint and have you waxing lyrical for the days when your grandmother fussed and marveled over your ability to set new-fangled digital clocks to their proper date/time.  As you know, in spite of the advent of brightly glowing digital clocks, nothing has really changed about time itself as much as our perception of it and our ability to complicate things in the name of progress. 

On the world news front, it’s looking an awful lot like December 2019 to January 2020 all over again in many ways during the first half of October, at least in terms of:

  1. The pandemic, though a bit more evolved.  Meaning, a second wave may not be obvious at this time but will be, toward the second half of December.  On the bright side, we’re all now more well-informed about what measures to take;
  2. In NYC:  echoes of early December 2019 in terms of a brief but higher-than-norm crime spike during the first half of October 2020;
  3. Strained factions, foreign diplomacy and an ongoing stalemate with economic incentives and related negotiations. This is where it gets tricky, as Congress is facing this stalemate on a relief bill along with the loss of a Supreme Court judge, who is likely to be replaced by a woman candidate. My guess is, hearings for the judicial replacement will likely take place post-election toward mid-November.  [10.12.2020 update: The hearings start today.  Should they continue into next week, which I think they will, there appears to be a surprise element arriving toward the end of either this week or top of the next.
     [10.13.2020 update:]  I work with numbers and a start date.  Now that we have an established start date for the hearings, the thought occurred to me yesterday that if this new justice is sworn in prior to 11.4.2020, the implication bears interesting results for the inauguration week so we’ll just have to keep our eye on the calendar and wait.].
    [10.27.2020 update:]  now that we have the vote date of 10.26.2020 and time between 8:00 PM voting and a swearing in time just before 9 PM, it confirms a critical ruling that transpires toward the week of 12.14.2020 that likely stirs a hornet’s nest.  Her effectiveness is likely to be hamstrung for some time, come January. 

    Earlier, I’d thought the relief bill would start to fall into place toward September, and everyone was telling me, no no no, that can’t be because it has to be decided in August.  The LWA did fall into place. Now that we’re here, eh.  There’s likely no developments for a while yet.

  4. The current western wildfires repeat the trend patterning after last year’s Australian bush fires, which also started in September (of 2019) and waned toward March 2020. The Western wildfire damage appears to be at its worst during the first week of October before it lessens somewhat, at least till about mid-December.  Mid-December, they may pick up again once more but not to the same extent as this past September into early October.  Following this trend, the Western wildfires do appear to become more manageable toward February 2021.

The U.S. election: I don’t think it will be sorted out until mid-December.  At least be prepared for that.  

All for now, as I’m still working on October scopes, which, as you know, reflects very basic trends but every’s personal chart responds differently. I do have a remedy for that, which is available for free to those who subscribe to this page. 

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